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Industrial application


Your own custom-made nitrogen generator !


Since 1988, ABSOGER has manufactured more than 1,200 nitrogen generators for use in a wide range of applications and a number of different industrial sectors.  ABSOGER started marketing our first on-site nitrogen generation systems for the Oil & Gas sector in 1995 under the name CarboTrade.  This highly specialized market requires that the product is fully adapted to the generator’s user conditions in order to comply with legislative constraints – codes for pressurized systems, environmental constraints, offshore limitations, etc.  They also have to meet a variety of technical constraints, regarding welding, structure and a number of other issues.


Currently, our installations are up and running on every continent, working for a range of oil and engineering companies.

  • ATEX explosive zone I et II
  • Produced nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.9999%
  • Produced nitrogen output from 1 to 2,000Nm3/h – and even more upon request
  • Standard pressure from 5 to 7 bar – with up to 330 bar available
  • Usage zones: tropical, desert, glacial, seismic, marine, offshore and more.
  • Manufacture is possible according to the American ASME standards (ASME B31.3, ASME IX, ASME VIII div. 1 option U Stamp or CODAP)
  • Structure manufacture is possible according to the American AWS D1;1 welding standards
  • Manufacture is possible according to Brazilian, Algerian and German standards, as well as other importer country standards
  • SKID mounted equipment, or equipment installed in an adapted and certified container
  • Marine or standard paint
  • Other …


Don’t buy nitrogen anymore, be your own provider !


ABSOGER has manufactured more than 1,200 nitrogen generators for use in a wide range of applications and a number of different industrial sectors.


The company experience is based on more than 25 years of manufacturing and commercialization to many different countries around the world. This experience allows the company to constantly improve itself in order to better fulfill your requests for any industrial application.


Nitrogen is widely used and especially for cable industry, laser cutting, furnace flue, electronical welding, molding plastic injection, solvent storage, piece of art storage and treatment, tire manufacturing, prototyping machine, food packaging.


Become your own nitrogen provider and secure your supply chain from the press to the bottling plant!


All through the wine-making process, nitrogen plays a crucial role by enabling the wine-maker to carefully dose the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolved in the wine.  Controlling this gas is one of the required conditions to get a high-quality wine.


Here at Absoger, we’ve always taken care to organize our different departments and services to ensure the greatest flexibility for our clients in terms of our product’s characteristics.  In this way, we can manufacture a range of nitrogen generators which meet the specific needs of the wine industry.  This range includes the basic features of all our generators and includes several crucial functions which are adapted to the field.  Without these, any attempt to integrate our systems into a wine-making application would be impossible, due to the stringent demands of the sector.